Patio garden

This all started about a year ago when I heard a knock on my door. My neighbor wanted to let me know I may have some trouble getting out of the driveway because he was cutting down that big tree today.


What big tree? My big tree?

Well there was no saving the tree. The men were already in the tree making the big cuts by the time I was informed. I was not going to let my beautiful tree die in vain. I moved all of the wood back to my house.

The main trunk made the perfect coffee table. Then I had a ton of smaller pieces and they made great places for planters. Then a fund-raiser at my daughter school came along and we had to purchase 8 flats of flowers as the minimum order required by each child. I purchased tall and short snap dragons, all the colors of vincas and some lobelia. I filled every flower pot I had with flowers. I made a couple smaller beds with the long branch pieces of wood. Then I waited. Before I knew it I had created a sweet little patio garden with a nice blend of rustic wood and magical flowers. I took pictures from the beging till now.  Hope you like how it has turned out.

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2 Responses to Patio garden

  1. Mary Bethune says:

    Amazing! You have made good use of that wood. What a lovely idea!

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