Perfect Day Off Friday weather!

I love one of those days that pops up early in spring… before spring really, when you get one last chance to clean up the gardens if you didnt get to it just before winter.  Which I almost never can.  This forethought is important to next years blooms in a lot of cases for most, but with a wild garden, leaving those blooms to complete disintegration is really best. That is where the baby wild flowers come from.  The birds do a good job of spreading them every where else.  With that said, my house looks dead with flower carcass all through winter, with snow, and bright green moss days.  Today is the day to destroy it for the next year to look good.

One garden is almost completely over taken with black berries, which although are tasty, I have decided have no place close to the house anymore and were rigorously removed.  Harsh cuts at the root, till  I fount an amazing tip rooter.  I took pictures of work this little guys work.  I have an unpublished blog about my fascination with tip rooters, it is close to the walking tree family if you ask me.  Amazing how they are connected, but completely separate and can live on their own with just the root system in tack for one.

Also a grape vine, white clematis, and some white flowering tree that never blooms.  Hopefully with my guidance these plants will grow over the harbor.  There is also a crimson and royal purple clematis in that mess too.  unfortunately when you groom so vigorously some things get pulled that were not intended.  We cross our fingers and hope for the best

I did take a walk in the back woods that I used to consider mine until the neighbor put his house in and took down all the trees leaving a very specific end to my woods.  Well just on the other side where I started lining my trails with rail road ties i found a nice treasure.   It has created this emerald lined trail.  I was impressed with mine and mother natures work. Now I need to ask the neighbor or just take, not sure.  I want my rail road ties I left in your yard 10 years ago…

From viewing my slide show, I see I have a LOT of work to do.

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2 Responses to Perfect Day Off Friday weather!

  1. Ron Shearer says:

    wonderful pictures,nice and relaxing…

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